Alicia Keys and Reebok send me sneaks … just an ordinary Saturday

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Here is something a little different this week so please watch here and share with all of your friends too.  I mean come on…Alicia Keys is mentioned in this video…you just gotta watch NOW!  It is only about 8 minutes long…yes I know a bit lengthy…BUT like I always say, “You WILL Thank Me Later!”  :)  THANKS!

See YOU on the Dance Floor!


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4 Comments on "Alicia Keys and Reebok send me sneaks … just an ordinary Saturday"

  • Fit_This says

    Keep inspiring all of us “daily” and I speak for your fans… WE LOVE YOU! Your Reebok fam loves you! I cannot choose just one shoe – love them all equally 

    • Thanks Melissa! Love you and the Reebok fam as well! We need to connect….call me! :) xoxo
      LOVE these shoes…I cannot take them off my feet :)

  • Marjan says

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It was inspiring and uplifting. You are a great person, dancer, teacher, and have a great energy.

    As far as the shoes, they all look cool and different. I have to see it on your feet and then make a suggestion. But most of all, you have to wear the one that feels both comfortable and stylish.

    See you soon.

    • Thanks Marjan! Your energy and talents are so appreciated weekly in my classes. Thank you for being YOU! See you on the dance floor! xoxo, ILYSE

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