And the Winner is…

And the Winner is…

…Drum roll please…

Remember… several months back right before my DVD shoot, I asked all of you to help me come up with a title?!  Thank you to ALL who emailed me their submissions for the contest.  There were so many great titles to choose from and it was quite fun narrowing down to what I think works the best.  Sooo….it is time to announce who came up with the title…

SHERI LEVY is the Winner of my DVD Title Contest!!!  Woohoo!  Congrats Sheri!!!

Please read below my interview with Sheri:

IB:  How long have you been dancing with me?

SL:  Next week it will be 4 years.  WOW WOW WOW!!!

IB:  Wow, time sure does fly when you are having fun.  I cannot believe it has been that long.  It feels like yesterday when you strutted your way into my class and kept raising your hand with a lot of questions as you wanted to do your best.  Love it!  Tell us…Why do you DANCE?

SL:  I dance NOW because you, Ilyse Baker make it fun and makes me FEEL like I CAN DANCE.  You, Ilyse are seriously one of the best dance choreographers/teachers in town.  Otherwise, my dancing fun is restricted to weddings and Mitzvah occasions and I am being serious. 

IB:  Thanks so much.  I love sharing my passion for dance and fitness with you and everyone else.  It is amazing!  When you heard that I was holding a contest for my 1st DVD where I needed a title badly, what was your first reaction?

SL:  I was baffled because I thought the name was obvious, but excited that I might have a chance to win.  Who doesn’t like a good contest?

IB:  Can you announce the title of my 1st DVD, please?

SL:  Dancinerate™ Burn with the Beat

IB:  How did you come up with Dancinerate™ Burn with the Beat as the title?

SL:  You had already started to brand the “Dancinerate™” name so it felt to me that it had to be included in the title of your DVD.  As for “Burn with the Beat,” that’s what we do every day in YOUR CLASS! … That and you encourage us to be sexy at times and sweat, Dancinerate™, Sexy Sweat” may be the name for your next installment!!!  Do I win again?! :)

IB:  Very cool and I love your idea for DVD 2….hhhmmm I will keep it in mind.  Thanks.  Are you excited about winning Your Reebok Custom Card?

SL:  Super excited!  I’ve always wanted to customize a pair of shoes, and they have so many incredible colors and styles to choose from.  It sounds like fun.

IB:  I cannot wait to see what you create.  I know that Reebok is itching to see your kicks too so make sure you give me a picture of them once they are made so I can send it to Reebok HQ.  Any ideas on how you will customize your new kicks?

SL:  I think I’m going to look at some of my favorite clothes and see if I can incorporate those colors into my shoes so no matter what top I’m wearing my shoes will enhance instead of detract from the outfit.  OR I may just throw caution to the wind and go big, bold, and crazy, which is another lesson you have taught me over the years.  “Make it your Own.”

IB:  I vote go BIG, BOLD, and CRAZY!!!  I cannot wait to see what you create and more importantly see you dance in them.  Thanks so much for coming up with my title and being a part of this exciting project of mine that I have wanted to do for so long.

We will check in with Sheri Levy soon to see her awesome Reebok kicks!

It is so exciting that I am less that a month away from launching…

Dancinerate™ Burn with the Beat

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon…

See YOU on the Dance Floor!



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