Behind the Scenes: Dancinerate™ Burn With The Beat DVD Shoot

For many years now, I have said, “I want my own Dance Fitness DVD and I am sure it is so easy to do.”  My attitude was just like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory when she would say in her whining voice, “I want an Oompa Loompa now!”  Of course, I wasn’t as whiny, however I felt if everyone else was producing DVDs easily and promptly, then how can I not do the same thing?!

Well…I learned very quickly years back that it was not as easy as I thought.  Not only is timing important, my finances had to be in line, my business head had to be turned on hardcore, among many other things.  Boy, did I learn fast and I thank the man upstairs who looks after me daily that I didn’t get myself into anything too fast.  After a lot of research and countless meetings with mentors, I knew that it was best to wait and I would know when it was “my time” to show the World what Ilyse Baker could offer on a home DVD.

The “right” time has finally come for me to share my passion for dance and fitness with the World.  Yes, that is right:  Ilyse Baker’s Dancinerate™ Burn With The Beat DVD is NOW available on my website, Amazon, Collage Exercise Videos, and Total Fitness DVDs.  It has been a week now since I launched and I am beyond blessed with the sales and feedback.  My DVD is doing exactly what I wanted it to do:  Make a difference in peoples’ lives!  The DVD even hit the UK today…2 DVDs are heading to London.  :)  I am on Cloud 9 as my dream is now a reality.

Now, let’s go back to the girl who thought this would be a piece of cake…haha I still laugh at that thought.  Sooo not a peace of cake, however a journey that I loved every minute of even if it left me with a ton of anxiety, stress, insecurities, etc.  You know how our “heads” can talk way too much sometimes.  :)

My shoot date was back on October, 15, 2012.  Months prior to the shoot, I was in major prep mode choreographing, selecting music, a production company, graphic designer, art director, photographer, make up artist, hair artist, wardrobe, backup talent, website shopping cart, and the list goes on.  I could not be happier with everyone that worked on my DVD shoot and assisted me on making my product ROCK.  Here is a shout out to…Stock Yard Films, YES! Fitness Music, Sarah Jefferson Carter, Linda Posivak, David Heisler Photography, Brandon Neff Design, Kimberly Klein, Danielle Jolie Thouin, Ronni Winston, Stacey Vangelisti, Rachel Tonick FitLife Productions, Mitch Perliss Consulting, Web Success Team, AFAA Studios, and Reebok.

Please enjoy viewing my Behind the Scenes footage that my brilliant boyfriend shot for me on set.  I think he has a new venture to pursue.  :)  Please comment below and let me know what you think then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this exciting new journey of mine that you are all a part of with everyone you know.  My DVD helps you reach beyond your comfort zone, have fun, lose yourself in the movement, tighten and tone, build confidence, feel sexier, and reduce stress.  What more could you ask for?!

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See YOU on your home dance floor!


Who is Subbing?

Who is Subbing?

Hi from London Everyone!!!

I miss you all so much already, however I will be back before you know it.  :)  Check out below who is scheduled to cover the following classes while I am away.  Please support them…they all ROCK!  Stay tuned for more London updates.

Monday, 10/22:

Woodland Hills Equinox –  8:45am Definitions & 9:15am Dancinerate™ – Jhon

360 Health Club – 5:30pm Spinning – Vince

Tuesday,  10/23

West LA Sepulveda Equinox – 9am Dancinerate – Jhon

360 Health Club 10:30am Dance Remix – Mark

Woodland Hills Equinox – 6:30pm Dancinerate  – Colin

Wednesday, 10/24

LA Dance Fit – 11am Dancinerate – Ginger

7:30pm Dancinerate   I AM HOME TO TEACH!!!!




90 minutes of Dance, Vanessa Hudgens, and so much more…

Are you dancing with me this Sunday, October 21st from 11:30am – 1:00pm with me at 360 Health Club???  It is a 90 minute class that you do not want to miss.  All are welcome so please spread the word so we can all strut our stuff.

Did you hear that I am going to London???  Did you know that Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical took dance class with me?  Watch NOW to learn more…