5, 6, 7, 8 … Showtime

On May 10th, my Dancinerate studios of LA Dancefit took the studio by storm when they performed in their 1st ever dance recital. I know many of you have been waiting with baited breath to watch their mind blowing performance. It gives me great pleasure to say, “The day has finally come and the footage is here for your entertainment!” I would say, “Sit back and relax” however I have a gut feeling that you will be up on your feet dancing along with us.

I hope you enjoy seeing the unique way that each student expresses their passion for dance in this routine. I can’t express enough how much I appreciated the hard work of these amazing women. It was such a wonderful experience for me to see many of my students step out of their comfort zone and leave it all on the Dancinerate floor.

If you are up on your feet dancing with us then you must attend a Dancinerate class today! Please join us and #YoullThankMELater.

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1st Ever LA DanceFit Dance Recital

1st Ever LA DanceFit Dance Recital

Every week I share my passion for dance and fitness with incredible men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes, and they give it their all in every Dancinerate class. They’re asked to treat every class as though there was an audience seeing them strut their stuff, and on May 10 they had an audience: LA DanceFit’s first ever Dance Recital!

Upon hearing about this recital my students said they wanted to participate and, remembering how it felt to perform for the very first time, we started rehearsing the next day!

When preparing for the recital we focused on three new and different routines, using the regular Dancinerate class experience as our theme and allowing the audience a look into what it’s like being in one of my classes from warm up to cool down.

During our first rehearsal some of the team felt anxious about the new choreography. I reminded them just how amazing they all are and how much they can accomplish by working together. We rehearsed together for ten hours in one week and, to show how committed they were to the performance; they even got together without me to practice with one another.

A couple days prior to the recital my new clothing line arrived and I asked my students if they wanted to pick a tank or tee to wear during the recital and everyone said yes, picking their favorite for the show. (For a sneak peak and special PRE-ORDER pricing, check out SHOP ILYSE )

As we waited off-stage before our performance I was like a proud mom, touched by the team, their love for Dancinerate and their love for each other. They were ROCK STARS and the crowd went wild (video footage to follow once when we get it)!

The results of the recital left me on Cloud 9! As a team we all pulled together and gave a great performance, and when I got home I received emails and messages from a half dozen students telling me what a great time they had and how much they appreciated what the group accomplished. Here’s just one comment I received from a dancer: “The day was life-changing for me. I’ve run countless races and even finished a full marathon, but nothing compared to the feeling of performing on that stage. The euphoria from working out was magnified by 1000 as I did something I never thought possible. Thank you for pouring yourself into our team.”

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and want to join one of my classes, 5,6,7,8 into one and let me inspire you: Dancinerate Class Schedule

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A Childhood Fantasy Comes to Life….Almost!

A Childhood Fantasy Comes to Life….Almost!

When I was a kid I loved looking at cereal boxes to check out the toys inside or pretend that I was the athlete featured on the front of the box: !  I use to say to myself, “it would be so cool to be on a cereal box…ha ha yea right…fantasy!”

Many years later I may not yet be on a cereal box, but I’m proud and excited to be featured with a worldwide brand that helps people with their health and wellness: Weight Watchers!

After a long audition process I was hired to fully create and lead Weight Watcher’s “The Ultimate Dance Party” 3 DVD program, their first ever dance workout series and first workout series for 2014. It still feels like I am in a dream that I was a part of such a major production with this incredible company.  They fully trusted me with designing the entire program, picking the music, creating the choreography and developing the entire program from A-Z.  Now of course it wasn’t just me.  Kaitlin McCabe, Coordinator, Products & E-Commerce from Weight Watchers was fantastic throughout the entire process and I always enjoy working with Andrea Ambandos and Dragonfly Productions; she and her team are total pros.

The process was different from anything else I’ve ever done.  Not working with my backup talent from the beginning, I created 220 minutes of choreography and then sent it to them by computer; they had two weeks to learn it and get to know me via their computers.  Would they love what I created?  Would they love me?  Could they do it the way I envisioned? Would they be ready for rehearsal before the final shoot?  Would I?  All these thoughts went through my head.

Rehearsals ran smoothly and then the BIG shoot day arrived and while it was a long and exhausting day, everything clicked and at the end of the day my smile couldn’t have been wider!  Working with such a talented group of people was absolutely incredible and we just kicked butt!

While I was in New York for my Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to visit the Weight Watchers corporate office and meet with Kaitlin, who introduced me to many others on the Weight Watchers team.  It was a fantastic day and I’m so looking forward to their members taking advantage of what we all put together.

I am so proud of this program and baby of mine that was born.  If you are not a Weight Watchers member, it will go to retail soon; however you CAN walk into a Weight Watchers meeting room and buy it; click on this link and find a meeting room near where you live: http://www.weightwatchers.com/plan/mtg/index.aspx.   

I am just saying…you might not want to wait one minute.  See for yourself and let me know what you think:


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