WW ultimate dance kit 3d

WW ultimate dance kit 3d

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  • Lynne says

    Where can you buy this without going to a WW meeting?

    • You can walk into any Weight Watchers store that is a meeting location to purchase the kit. You do not have to attend a meeting. You should see the product on the shelves and will be able to buy it immediately. Thanks in advance for purchasing it. I cannot wait to dance with you on your home living room dance floor.

    • Kimberlee Henderson says

      I found this at the Costco near my home.

  • Betsy Robinson says

    Hi, Ilyes!
    I saw your DVD on the Weight Watchers website, and am interested in buying it. Could you please tell me how long each session is? (I cannot seem to find that information anywhere). I’ve bought other WW DVD’s, and each session is about 30 minutes, which is very doable!

    Thanks for making this DVD…..I watched your short video on how to do some of the moves, and thought that the way you explained the steps was wonderful. I am excited about “dancing with you in my living room”, too!

    • ilysebaker says

      YAY Betsy! So great to meet you via my website. Thanks for reaching out! Yes, you will LOVE the WW Dance Kit and we must start dancing together in your home living room ASAP! :) The kit has 3 great workouts: 20 minute beginner, 35 minute intermediate, and 45 minute advanced. Each workout is a different dance style. It is so much fun! Thanks for the compliment. Feel free to ask me any other questions and definitely let me know when we are dancing together. xoxo, ILYSE

      • Betsy Robinson says

        Wow….thanks for the speedy reply! I am going to order it TODAY!

        Thanks again!

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