1st Ever LA DanceFit Dance Recital

1st Ever LA DanceFit Dance Recital

Every week I share my passion for dance and fitness with incredible men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes, and they give it their all in every Dancinerate class. They’re asked to treat every class as though there was an audience seeing them strut their stuff, and on May 10 they had an audience: LA DanceFit’s first ever Dance Recital!

Upon hearing about this recital my students said they wanted to participate and, remembering how it felt to perform for the very first time, we started rehearsing the next day!

When preparing for the recital we focused on three new and different routines, using the regular Dancinerate class experience as our theme and allowing the audience a look into what it’s like being in one of my classes from warm up to cool down.

During our first rehearsal some of the team felt anxious about the new choreography. I reminded them just how amazing they all are and how much they can accomplish by working together. We rehearsed together for ten hours in one week and, to show how committed they were to the performance; they even got together without me to practice with one another.

A couple days prior to the recital my new clothing line arrived and I asked my students if they wanted to pick a tank or tee to wear during the recital and everyone said yes, picking their favorite for the show. (For a sneak peak and special PRE-ORDER pricing, check out SHOP ILYSE )

As we waited off-stage before our performance I was like a proud mom, touched by the team, their love for Dancinerate and their love for each other. They were ROCK STARS and the crowd went wild (video footage to follow once when we get it)!

The results of the recital left me on Cloud 9! As a team we all pulled together and gave a great performance, and when I got home I received emails and messages from a half dozen students telling me what a great time they had and how much they appreciated what the group accomplished. Here’s just one comment I received from a dancer: “The day was life-changing for me. I’ve run countless races and even finished a full marathon, but nothing compared to the feeling of performing on that stage. The euphoria from working out was magnified by 1000 as I did something I never thought possible. Thank you for pouring yourself into our team.”

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8 Comments on "1st Ever LA DanceFit Dance Recital"

  • Diana says

    As I read your story the goose bumps flitter through my body & I re-live that experience of the butterflies, nerves and excitement we all had in that 5 exhilirating minutes of dance. It was such a wonderful experience and we are ever so grateful for you and all the other amazing instructors who come together to create such a life changing experience. We love you so much, and I am sure I speak for all your students, and look forward to Wednesdays 7:30pm & Saturdays 11am at LA Dancefit in West Los Angeles.

    • Thanks so much Diana! You and all of the dancers of LA DanceFit were incredible! I am one lucky instructor to be a part of such a special dance community! Keep dancing! xoxo

  • Jackie says

    If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, inadequate, and completely inept, then you can understand how I felt about my first rehearsal for Ilyse’s dance team. I’ve only been learning choreography for the past few months, and honestly, I joined the team not to perform but to just practice. I love her classes and I can see myself improving every week, but I was not in any position to perform anything in front of anyone. But I showed up!

    Ilyse had 3 routines combined together and I was totally overwhelmed. I couldn’t remember what I was doing, and I told Ilyse I couldn’t do it. She insisted that I would get it and scheduled another practice the very next day. Had I had much longer to think about it, I probably would have changed my mind, but I showed up again. The first routine seemed a little easier, but now we were moving on to the 2nd routine. Ilyse knew that I was feeling overwhelmed and took me aside and had a “talk” with me. Ilyse has a way of making you believe in yourself and helping you to see that you can do way more than you think possible. So I decided that night, that if she believed in me that much that I wasn’t going to quit.

    The day of the recital I was so overwhelmed and questioned if I’d be able to remember any of the routines, but Ilyse pulled me aside again and had another “talk” with me. She said, “Just be in this space at this very moment. You’ve worked so hard, now just feel the dance and it will all come together.” I took a deep breath and just danced. For a beginner I did fantastic!

    That day was life changing for me! Thank you Ilyse for helping me to believe in myself! And as a side note: I love your new clothing line! We looked great on the dance floor with your new tanks and tees.

    • Jan says

      Comment to Jackie – I always knew you could do it because whenever you set you might to something, you can do it. We are so proud of you for “sticking to it”! I know you had so much fun doing this recital and many rewards are yet to come. Keep up the good work and “keep on dancing”. You have a way of encouraging other people, setting a good example, and following through.. Thanks so much to Ilyse for taking the time to train our daughter and make her life in LA so enjoyable. I know Jackie looks forwarding to your classes. Love Mom & Pops in Idaho

  • Anna says

    Thanks to you, Ilyse.  You’re the best!  You’re my favorite dance instructor of all time.  I soooo enjoy your classes and look forward to them every week.  I am also already looking forward to signing up for next year’s Dancinerate Dance Team!

  • Sandy says

    I love Ilyse’s Dacinerate classes. Right from the warm up, you feel her energy, welcoming attitude and her love of dance and teaching. I really loved my time on her dance team. Her routine took us on a journey through different styles of dance and so many emotions. Even her tanks and tees have inspirational phrases that fit so much with who she is. She is a teacher that pushes you in positive ways and helps you grow as a dancer and as a person. Thanks so much, Ilyse! Can’t wait to take class soon!

  • Carrie Larson says

    I should have done this with you! Next time for sure. Is there a video of the routine anywhere?

    • ilysebaker says

      Yes, next time for sure, Carrie! I will be posting the video soon. Stay tuned for the next blog. :) xoxo

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