I got chills…

Tonight at 9:13pm exactly, an email popped into my inbox that left me in chills and happy tears.  I was in the middle of deciding what I wanted to blog about and then it was all answered for me when Suzanne McRae, a dance student of mine, wrote these words to me:

“Hi Doll Face- Check out JP’s video and tell the World!!!  Thank you love.  xo”

From there, I quickly clicked the Youtube link with so much excitement as I have been hearing about this music video in the making for awhile now.  Suzanne’s daughter, JP can literally sing her face off.  If you close your eyes while listening to her, you would think that it was someone like Alicia Keys.  That is exactly how talented this young lady is and how hard she works with countless voice lessons, writing sessions, and just being a humble kid.  JP has that “it factor.”  This is her 1st EVER music video of her song, “Amazing” written by herself.

After watching this video, I screamed out loud, by myself in my apartment, “She is BRILLIANT!”  I was left in chills and happy tears…holy moly wow.  I then clicked to watch it a second time.  JP is 14 years old and has the “gift” of talent, drive, humbleness, love, beauty, and I could go on and on.  She knows exactly what music is suppose to do to the listener.  Congrats JP!

Music enhances and taps into so many things for “us.”  It could be a stress reliever, way to relax, or even a great way to motivator to workout.  JP’s song, “Amazing” for me tonight, gave me the chance to say to myself, “Ilyse, you have a lot of great things happening right now.  It will all work out.  Just breathe, have faith, and enjoy the journey.”  JP’s music, tonight made me breathe for sure.

JP has taken many of my dance classes and I have had many opportunities personal training her one on one.  Let me tell you that I enjoy every single moment that I can get with JP.  She motivates me to be a better person as she is one special girl and has so much to give.  I do not have a little sister, however to me JP fits that role.  I am so proud of her and her accomplishments.  Tonight has been so meaningful for me and I am sharing it all with you…hard work pays off…dreams CAN become a reality.

Please join me by spreading the love of music, young talent, and JP’s 1st EVER music video with the World!  I promise like I always say…“You WILL thank me later” once you watch JP do her thang!  I am such a proud big sister!

Love you lots, JP!!!!



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  • Brenda says

    OMG…. A-MA-ZING! Really. This young woman is so talented, gifted and blessed. What a beautiful voice. She will go far and wide. Wishing her all the success, health and happiness life has to offer. Congratulations, JP!

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