My Guilty Pleasure is…

…I bet most of you are thinking that my guilty pleasure is something sweet to indulge in or something that I do not normally eat on a regular basis.  Am I right?!  Don’t we always think that going to the food category is a guilty pleasure?!  Well…mine is not food related.  Can you guess again?  No worries if you cannot guess because I am going to tell you now.  :)

Ilyse, ME has a guilty pleasure and it is DANCE class!!!  Are you surprised or laughing yet?  You most likely are saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, Ilyse dances everyday of her life so how can that be a guilty pleasure?”

Ok…you are correct that I do dance everyday of my life, however I do not get the opportunity to take a dance class for “me” as often as I would like to.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE teaching and sharing my passion for dance with so many people on a daily basis.  It is the best gift that I can give others and myself to constantly make a difference in one’s life.  It is a natural high…how could that be bad?!  I live for it and crave it daily.  :)

Lately, my life and schedule have become very busy with classes to teach, constantly working hard at living the life of a Tycoon (which my Dad has named me…he is so proud) :), promoting my new Dancinerate Burn With The Beat DVD, choreographing for several projects, keeping a long distance incredible relationship strong, staying connected with all of you on social media, continuing to hold kick butt classes for my students, staying active in the dance fitness industry, and being an excellent role model, sister, aunt, daughter, teacher, and friend to all that are in my life.  Now if that is not a lot to handle and a mouth full then I just don’t know!  :)  Sooo….with my crazy busy life that I LOVE, how can I not have a guilty pleasure?!  We ALL need guilty pleasures or we will go nuts!  :)

When I take a dance class for “me” my whole world changes for the 1 hour as I am digging deep inside to release everything that I feel.  It is absolutely incredible to let my stress and happiness pour out on the dance floor.  I wish you could be in my head sometimes when I am down, happy, or feel any kind of anxiety.  This is the “before” moment… then come back into my head for the “after” moment when I leave a dance class for “me.”  It is always an unbelievable cloud 9 moment.  Quite often, I tend to say, “Why do I not take more time for “me?”  Why do I not take dance classes more like I use to when I know I will leave feeling outstanding?”  Soooo…I too am guilty to just go go go, allow life to get in the way, and not have “me” time.

As of today, Wednesday, February 20, 2013, you are all witnessing that Ilyse Baker WILL be scheduling her/my guilty pleasure much MORE often!  Please take a moment to watch this video (to the right of O’dell in red shirt) of me having a blast on the dance floor in my talented friend, O’dell’s Hip Hop class at LA DanceFit in West LA.  Don’t I look happy?!

Now…it is your turn to find your guilty pleasure, commit to doing it often, and staying high on life with me!  Thanks for letting me share.  If you are with me, please comment below then share this blog with your friends so we can together motivate others as well.



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  • So happy that you fit in some much deserved YOU time!!!!

    • Thanks Berkenda! It is great when I do. :) Miss you and hope to see you on the dance floor soon.

  • I coud copy you and say dance, because it is my GREATEST passion, but I may just love nacho cheese Doritos a tiny bit more 😉 You are SUCH an inspiration, Illyse! Thanks you for coming into my life!

    • You inspire me too, girlie! xoxo Keep werking! :)

  • I too am a fitness professional. I can totally relate to your guilty pleasure. You know why cause for me its fitness classes, all kinds, especially new ones….i often schedule my vacation time to go to a fitness event or a fitness conference. People think thats not a vacation but for me it is. I love having a full day going from one class to another. Starting in the early morning, 5:30 am with a yoga class or a type of centering class and ending the day with Ti Chi yoga type class. Boy do I sleep well after that. When a new program comes i get excited about trying it. (Your new class is definitely on my list.) I have always thought my dream job would be to travel the world and take classes and write all about my experience. All i can say is that i get such a high from fitness classes…… Its all those endorphins I’m sure. : ) Linda Hart

    • Love it Linda! You are welcome to come take my classes ANYTIME! Hope to see you on the dance floor soon. xoxo

  • Valerie says

    Yes…YOU do look happy. And that’s exactly how I feel ,kicking butt in your classes. You go girl.

    • Thanks Miss Valerie! You shine on the dance floor every class. :)

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