Alicia Keys and Reebok send me sneaks … just an ordinary Saturday

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Here is something a little different this week so please watch here and share with all of your friends too.  I mean come on…Alicia Keys is mentioned in this video…you just gotta watch NOW!  It is only about 8 minutes long…yes I know a bit lengthy…BUT like I always say, “You WILL Thank Me Later!”  :)  THANKS!

See YOU on the Dance Floor!


I got chills…

Tonight at 9:13pm exactly, an email popped into my inbox that left me in chills and happy tears.  I was in the middle of deciding what I wanted to blog about and then it was all answered for me when Suzanne McRae, a dance student of mine, wrote these words to me:

“Hi Doll Face- Check out JP’s video and tell the World!!!  Thank you love.  xo” Read More »