I don’t know what I’d do without Ilyse and her Dancinerate program. It’s one of the things I look forward to most, especially when I have time off.

Daniella Monet
Actress and Student

I wanted a place where I could dance without being competitive and just have fun. I’ve danced with Ilyse for four years and never get bored.

Abigail Glass
Working Mom and Student

Dance is the one thing I do for myself, and going to Ilyse’s class rejuvenates me.

Annie Netka
Business Executive and Student

With Ilyse I don’t even feel like I’m working out because I’m having so much fun.

Jessica Nass
Young Professional and Student

I have a different story inside me all the time and Ilyse allows me to express the way I feel that day. I love it!

Valerie Baxley

Ilyse transforms your life; she has totally transformed my life and I am so, so grateful to her.

Suzanne McRae

Lindsey UnterbergerThanks so much, Ilyse!  I never thought I’d have that much fun at a dance class.  Seriously, I think I may actually give one at my gym at shot now.  I can’t thank you enough for the confidence boost to give it a go.  Xoxo

Lindsey Unterberger
Deputy Online Editor, GLAMOUR

Petra KolberWhether you are looking for a dynamic lead talent, a brilliant and creative choreographer or just a girlfriend you can meet for coffee, Ilyse Baker is the one to call. I first met Ilyse when I was filming some television shows for Fit TV. This was many years ago when Ilyse was back up talent. From the moment I met her I knew she had my back and also was going to be an incredible star in her own right – and NOW look at her !!!!!!

Ilyse is a person who walks or rather dances her walk, and talks her talk. UBER talented without a shred of ego or drama, Ilyse Baker is a force of nature and talent. This is a gal who, whether in front of 1 or 1,000, gives you her heart, soul and 150% of  herself. She leaves it ALL on the dance floor. It is my honor to work with Ilyse often and I have immense gratitude for also being able to call her a friend.

Petra Kolber
Fitness Expert and Motivational Speaker

Sam Willocks
I always end up hyped, excited, sweaty, and totally in a great mood!  Ilyse is electrifying….and she gives you all the love you need!

Sam Willocks

Berkenda CantloIlyse’s energy is contagious! I had the pleasure of meeting her at one of the first Shape beach events a few years ago after we had exchanged a few tweets earlier in the day. Her class was so amazing and energetic and really just fun that we kept in touch and I sometimes drove 60+ miles to attend her pop up classes in Los Angeles. I think she knows every style of dance and as amazing as she is at all of them; she makes you feel like you are the best dancer in the room!

Berkenda Cantlo
Strategic Business & Project Manager
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

Liza Elliott-Ramirez

Every step is a creative expression choreographed to enhance the mind body and spirit. Quite a Zen moment …In fact, I’ve experienced heaven on earth in Baker’s class!

Dancing with Ilyse is a not-to-miss experience!

Liza Elliott-Ramirez
President/Founder of Expecting Models

Melissa Towey

Ilyse is a force to be reckoned with in the dance fitness world.  She is someone I look up to and am proud to consider a “big sister” in this ever-evolving field.  Whether you are looking to participate in a sound fitness class or have a partner/mentor/friend in this industry, Ilyse is your girl!

Melissa Towey
QiDance Master Trainer

Nancy Klemens

My earliest memory of dancing is when I was around 5 or 6, dancing in a large circle and feeling squished between the taller, older dancers but loving every minute of it.  All these memories float back into my consciousness every time I dance in Ilyse Baker’s class.  She has the marvelous ability to transform her classroom into a Broadway stage even without the bright lights and live orchestra.  Her teaching, her choreography, her attention to detail and her selection of music are all perfection.  If, after she has taught us a routine, she says out loud “Good job, Nancy,” my heart feels like sailing, there is a smile on my face, and my day is complete.

Nancy Klemens

Beth Littleford

Dancing with Ilyse makes me happy. More than happy — joyous, ecstatic. I’ve told her this many a time, but when I’m in her class, dancing to one of her routines, I can’t stop smiling. Her passion for dance is infectious, so she makes everyone in her classes (whether a hot 22 year old or a senior citizen) feel like a passionate, sexy dancer who is setting the stage on fire.

Beth Littleford
Actress and Student

Leigh CrewsSo many people with huge talent seem to have an ego to match. That’s why Ilyse Baker stands out from the crowd. Ilyse is talented beyond measure, yet down to earth, generous and considerate. In a word, she is REAL.

In leading the development team for QiGNITION’s QiForze program I have come to depend on Ilyse because she consistently delivers a top-quality work product, on time and with genuine excitement for the project and it’s outcome. Over the past year I have watched her expand her capabilities and move into the role of fitness presenter. The transition from knowing how to move to teaching others to move can be rocky, but Ilyse has managed it with her usual grace and poise.

Now, whether I need a choreographer, a performer, or an educator, I know I can call on Ilyse Baker and never be disappointed.

Leigh Crews
QiGNITION Director of Education, QiFORZE Lead Developer,
IDEA World Fitness Instructor of the Year, 2011