Two Years Later and We’ve Only Just Begun

Two Years Later and We’ve Only Just Begun

By Mitch Perliss, contributor

Ilyse Baker and I have known each other for more than a couple of years, working peripherally on a couple of my clients’ projects, including BKEnvy and BodyRockSports, while looking for the right opportunity to work together.

During that time we had a couple false starts, including last year at E3 when Ilyse agreed to choreograph a flash mob for a video game company I represented.  She was all set and the company was ready, willing, able and excited until the folks that ran E3 said the company “didn’t spend enough money” ($30K) to ‘host’ an ‘event,’ and we had to cancel it.  They also didn’t like that we body painted a woman as the company mascot and had her walking around the convention the entire time, but that’s a whole other story.

Fast forward to today, Ilyse is now an ambassador for major brands like Reebok, Qignition and many others. We have finally found solid reasons to collaborate professionally, the first of which will be seen very shortly. Most recently we teamed up to create the flash mob that we so wanted to produce the previous year.

I’m involved with a group that gets together once a quarter on a designated day well known in advance.  This group consists of 30 people – a revolving group of 6 create the event – the other 24 know only where to go and what to wear; everything else is kept secret until the group gets to the designated place.  I was part of the planning committee and the theme was Hot August Night, filled with games, water balloons and a live band along with some very ‘hot’ hostesses, courtesy of Ilyse.  Ilyse also got together a group of about 10 dancers, all of whom gave away party favors, helped with directions to seats, food and wine until the music came on, and the dancers rocked the party, getting even men who I’ve never seen dance in 9 years of these kinds of events off their butts.  Ilyse even followed through with her threat to have one of the dancers chase me down to dance; I just couldn’t say ‘no’ after the great job the entire group did (not to mention the woman was beautiful and even I couldn’t make her look bad).

To say that the event started off the evening with everyone smiling is to minimize the effect it had on the party, and Ilyse’s personality was so contagious that I think a couple of the women in the group are going to sign up for one of her dance classes.  I’m excited Ilyse and I finally got to do something “official” together – the first of many more good things to come….

Ilyse and Mitch PerlissMitch Perliss has been in the fitness distribution and marketing business for the past 20 years, working with some of the top fitness professionals in the business.  Read more information about Mitch

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