Who is Subbing?

Who is Subbing?

Hi from London Everyone!!!

I miss you all so much already, however I will be back before you know it.  :)  Check out below who is scheduled to cover the following classes while I am away.  Please support them…they all ROCK!  Stay tuned for more London updates.

Monday, 10/22:

Woodland Hills Equinox –  8:45am Definitions & 9:15am Dancinerate™ – Jhon

360 Health Club – 5:30pm Spinning – Vince

Tuesday,  10/23

West LA Sepulveda Equinox – 9am Dancinerate – Jhon

360 Health Club 10:30am Dance Remix – Mark

Woodland Hills Equinox – 6:30pm Dancinerate  – Colin

Wednesday, 10/24

LA Dance Fit – 11am Dancinerate – Ginger

7:30pm Dancinerate   I AM HOME TO TEACH!!!!




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  • Randi says

    Just when I get back you leave?? This is so not fair :>( Looking forward to your return. Have fun!

    • :) Welcome home Randi! See you back in the USA soon. xoxo

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